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LEVERING UP: HOW TO REALLY ENGINEER AN EQUAL U.K. By Chris Naylor and Jamie Ounan    The government’s levelling up paper helps clarify Whitehall’s definition of the issue, and spotlight regional disparities. But it fails to convince that it truly wants to help those who need help the most and understands why that matters.    [...]
LAMBETH COUNCIL CHIEF MOVES TO PUBLIC SECTOR CONSULTANCY INNER CIRCLE, WILL LEAD ‘AGILE INVESTMENTS’ MISSION Lambeth Council Chief Executive Andrew Travers is moving to Inner Circle Consulting after five years at the south London Town Hall job, to lead a new ‘Agile Investments’ team that can help councils facing a challenging funding environment to achieve [...]
BEYOND DEMOLITION - WHAT'S THE FUTURE OF ESTATE REGENERATION? A report on Inner Circle’s panel event as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2022.  By  Lucy Webb, Managing Consultant at Inner Circle Consulting. 14 June 2022 The redevelopment of post-war estates is an important source of sorely-needed new homes but the traditional approach of [...]
10 KEY INGREDIENTS FOR A SUCCESSFUL REGENERATION PROJECT By  Lucy Webb, Managing Consultant at Inner Circle Consulting. 25 March 2022   On the back of a tweet last month, someone asked me the question ‘What is Good Regeneration?!’  It was a good challenge. We throw the term ‘regeneration’ around without defining it much and 20 years into [...]
PANEL DISCUSSION: LOVE LOCAL GOVERNMENT June 23 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM via Zoom.   We need local government and its work now more than ever. The pandemic revealed deepening inequalities across the UK and made vulnerable people even more vulnerable. Now the deepening cost of living crisis is increasing the strains on council [...]
HOW TO FIX THE HOUSING CRISIS? AN EIGHT-POINT PLAN TO PERFECT THE ART OF THE POSSIBLE By Matthew Nimmo - Director and Housing Leader at Inner Cirle Consulting and Emma Peters - Director at Inner Circle Consulting. How to fix the housing crisis? We need significant structural changes to the way the UK plans and delivers [...]
PANEL DISCUSSION: SHAPING THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT FOR WOMEN Thursday 24th March from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM via Zoom.   Gender remains a neglected focus for theory and practice in shaping our cities. Women make up 61% of homeless adults living in temporary accommodation, what’s more, temporary accommodation available to women fleeing domestic abuse is repeatedly found to [...]
WE NEED MORE WOMEN IN MANAGEMENT CONSULTING - AND CONCRETE ACTIONS TO BREAK THE BIAS. Tuesday, 8 March By Cheryl Bannerman, ICC Consultant specializing in complex, design-led regeneration projects. When was the last time you walked into a space as a true representative of yourself? As I look at the women in the management consultancy industry [...]
THE CASE FOR PUBLIC SERVICE REFORM Our public services are not working in the way their creators intended – overwhelmed by demand, letting too many people down, often fuelling mistrust and disconnection and increasing the burden on the state yet further.   ICC Director Chris Naylor, former chief executive of Barking and Dagenham Council in [...]
MAKING IT HAPPEN: THE BUSINESS CASE FOR A BUSINESS CASE By Chris Twigg   Councils across the country have spent recent weeks going through the formal process of signing off their budgets. In an environment of ever-tighter spending and rising need, their next job is to launch projects and initiatives that prioritise where to spend [...]