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HOW TO FIX THE HOUSING CRISIS? AN EIGHT-POINT PLAN TO PERFECT THE ART OF THE POSSIBLE By Matthew Nimmo - Director and Housing Leader at Inner Cirle Consulting and Emma Peters - Director at Inner Circle Consulting. How to fix the housing crisis? We need significant structural changes to the way the UK plans and delivers [...]
WE NEED MORE WOMEN IN MANAGEMENT CONSULTING - AND CONCRETE ACTIONS TO BREAK THE BIAS. Tuesday, 8 March By Cheryl Bannerman, ICC Consultant specializing in complex, design-led regeneration projects. When was the last time you walked into a space as a true representative of yourself? As I look at the women in the management consultancy industry [...]
THE CASE FOR PUBLIC SERVICE REFORM Our public services are not working in the way their creators intended – overwhelmed by demand, letting too many people down, often fuelling mistrust and disconnection and increasing the burden on the state yet further.   ICC Director Chris Naylor, former chief executive of Barking and Dagenham Council in [...]
LEVELLING UP ISN'T JUST ABOUT MONEY. IT'S ABOUT GROWTH, REFORM, AND TRUST. Two years ago, with two words, Boris Johnson set the ultimate challenge for everyone who is working in public services. The freshly-elected Prime Minister’s promise to voters who felt left behind that his party would respond by ‘levelling up’ has sparked countless debates [...]