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WE MUST REMEMBER TO PUT PEOPLE AT THE CENTRE OF CONTINUING HEALTHCARE DECISIONS – HERE'S HOW TO MAKE SURE THAT HAPPENS Friday, 24 November By Colin Morrison, Senior Consultant at Inner Circle Consulting   At the interface between social care and health services are a cohort of people with complex needs who are often on [...]
MAKING PLACES TO CALL HOME: WHY HOUSING IS VITAL TO DELIVERING SUCCESSFUL ADULT SOCIAL CARE Thursday, 16 November By Amy Long, Senior Consultant at Inner Circle Consulting   At the recent Demos event on implementing a new vision for social care, I was reminded of a statement formulated by the #SocialCareFuture movement’s vision, which states: [...]
SUSTAIN A framework and programme of support to help Councils achieve financial resilience and deliver their purpose. Developed with and for the sector. Powered by data. Driven by experience. Councils are at the sharp end of acute modern challenges: fiscal constraint, rising demand, and falling trust in public institutions. They are also vital to shaping [...]
PICKING THE WINNERS: WHAT LABOUR'S CONFERENCE MEANS FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT Wednesday, 25 October By Matthew Bennett, Managing Consultant at Inner Circle Consulting   From a world of no housing targets, abandoned Local Plans and anxiety about growth, to one in which the Government drives housing growth to boost the economy. If Labour wins the next [...]
I’VE SEEN 20 YEARS OF REGENERATION CHALLENGES. THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS: HOLD YOUR NERVE Friday, 20 October By Lucy Webb, Director at Inner Circle Consulting   There is a stark, growing inequality gap in the UK. People living in deprived areas have a life expectancy ten years lower than their wealthier counterparts. Girls living in [...]
UNLOCKING BETTER FUTURES SO THE FUTURE IS BETTER FOR ALL - OUR MANIFESTO WHAT IS INNER CIRCLE? We are a 21st century consultancy for 21st century challenges, aiming to deliver strong public services and thriving places so everyone can live a good life. The big missions of local government and its partners are our purpose. [...]
INNER CIRCLE JOINS THE DISABILITY CONFIDENT SCHEME Friday 29 September This National Inclusion Week, we’re glad to announce that we’ve committed to being a Disability Confident employer as part of our effort to ensure that every experience and background shapes our collective future, so that all voices are heard and listened to and given a [...]
EVELYN JOHN JOINS INNER CIRCLE AS DIRECTOR PRESS RELEASE Wednesday 27 September   Former PwC Director Evelyn John has joined Inner Circle Consulting to head up the public sector specialist’s Prosperous Places division and focus on “building communities around social, environmental and economic capital to transform places for people.”   Evie, who specialised in Housing, [...]
IF WE WANT TO SAVE COUNCILS, WE HAVE TO FIX SOCIAL CARE Friday, 15 September By Olly Swann, Director at Inner Circle Consulting Fortunately, we are at last seeing a national conversation about the financial crisis gripping councils. Unfortunately, we’re still not talking about a major underlying cause of it: The cost of social care [...]
TO DO SERIOUS PURPOSE-LED WORK, YOU NEED STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP Friday,11 August By James Windsor, Director at Inner Circle Consulting   At Inner Circle we are committed to making a positive long-term impact for the benefit of the community and our client. Key to doing this is our capacity to build long-term relationships and immerse ourselves [...]