Our key missions are designed to support local government to unlock better futures for everyone:


Imagine a future where everybody has a place to call home. Side by side with public sector leaders and their residents, we are tackling the housing crisis at its roots. To achieve this mission, we bring together diverse teams of innovators and doers. We use data analysis, strategic thinking, organisational change and hands-on delivery of housing and regeneration projects to meet the needs of local communities.

In the Inner Circle Housing Team we have thought deeply about the difference we can actually make to families and individuals who are feeling the sharp end of the housing crisis. We are building a movement to deliver meaningful housing projects that communities across the country need.

We’re operating in a post-pandemic, climate emergency world where inadequate housing is increasingly understood to be closely connected to everything from education to mental health to employment. We believe that the public sector can make a long-term difference to people’s lives by making housing a core activity, because the market is not delivering the housing that people need.

We’ve learned that the Councils that have done the most to tackle the housing crisis have a clear corporate commitment to improve housing for local people, understand their local housing market, set clear objectives and invest in the right mixture of interventions to yield the best outcomes for their specific communities. At Inner Circle, we support Council leadership teams to work through every stage of that process. We also help establish new delivery structures, such as in-house delivery teams that break down departmental silos or council-owned housing companies that act as developers for the public good.

What makes us unique is that our strategic advice is rooted in hands-on experience of delivery on the ground. We manage a raft of major housing projects across the country, from a town extension in Cornwall to several estate regeneration projects in London, from cutting edge green retrofit programmes to whole town renewable energy projects, from town centre developments bringing new life into market towns to county-wide extra-care programmes.

We pride ourselves in unlocking the trickiest projects and making progress where others have failed. Why do we do it? Put simply, we love it! We’ve got an amazing, dedicated and diverse team of people who all really get a kick out of tackling social problems and making a real difference to local communities..

Hammersmith & Fulham Town Hall Renewal
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Investment in a renewable future is essential to growth and prosperity for all. Our effective and practical team of experts can help you define, design, and deliver your climate action ambitions to unlock economic benefit and a sustainable system for everyone.

Climate change is the single greatest threat to a sustainable future, so investing in climate action is vital to prosperity. Leaders, governments, councils and cities, faced with budget and resource pressures, are weighing priorities across complicated portfolios. We understand that investing in net zero can help deliver all of your core responsibilities because it affects jobs, housing, the economy, and every facet of life in your communities.

Working and learning hand in hand with our clients, we can help you create employment and training, improve the environment and health of your communities, deliver better homes, and better air, and alleviate fuel poverty. Investment in the race to zero is a powerful commitment to unlock a renewable future and secure prosperity for all.

We’re the Renewable Futures team at Inner Circle Consulting. We’re enthusiastic and practical – we do this because we love it and we’re an effective team of experts. Our team is at the forefront of innovative projects across the UK tackling the climate crisis. Together, we bring strong analytics, collaboration, alignment, and strategic oversight to help you define, design, and deliver your climate action ambitions.

We can calculate the socio-economic benefits of every climate action you take, helping you prioritise opportunities for growth and work out where to save and spend money. We help you deliver your unique, whole system approach to sustainability so your priorities are no longer competing against each other and you can grow a resilient and thriving community.



We will bring the focus of place-making back to people, delivering beautiful places and thriving economies, so that the prosperity created through growth is shared with those that need it most. Our team helps councils work collaboratively, and efficiently use all the levers at their disposal; integrating economic development, planning and design to shape communities from multiple perspectives and create places that people can br proud of.

Austerity and the pandemic have cut public spending, and constrained what authorities can do for their communities at a time when they need it most. Shifting our thinking to a people-based approach to place shaping is the key to breaking negative cycles of inequality, enabling opportunity and prosperity to be shared. Our work applies a deep understanding of strategic place-making that combines economic analysis, planning and design and helps councils use all their powers more effectively. They will feel in control again and know how to use their resources for maximum impact. The result? Thriving local economies that drive self-sustaining and resilient communities, built on a platform of increased education, enhanced jobs, skills, opportunities and connected neighbourhoods.

This will create a positive cycle to restore trust in the public sector and its ability to deliver positive outcomes at a local level.  We help people work together to understand place-making from a multitude of perspectives to deliver beautiful, accessible, well-functioning places that have a positive impact on people’s lives. We’ll make sure that your plan is deliverable, sustainable and resilient and maintain the momentum so you can deliver your long-term vision for thriving communities. 

We have a deep understanding of the public sector and its capacity for innovation. We love creating places that share prosperity and build stronger communities.

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We are delivering on our core missions through our regional offices:

Pydar St regeneration


We are inspired by the region’s industrial history as a UK powerhouse and the innovation and skills present here today. We work with local people to create tailored action plans that tackle regional inequality and deliver sustainable place-based opportunities where everyone can thrive and connect.

The South West region is known for its beautiful natural environment, rich industrial history and the pride and innovation of its people. At the same time, it faces some of the highest levels of deprivation in the UK, a worrying exodus of young talent, and a housing crisis.  

We want to help create opportunities for a prosperous South West that meets the local public demand, can overcome a broad skills and connectivity gap and unlock a better future for its communities. We work to retain distinctive areas, rich culture, and heritage, and ensure place-based growth that delivers equality for all.

We work with the communities of the South West to develop tailored solutions to local issues, understanding the importance of strong strategic policy-making. We apply our local and national knowledge to build renewable futures, tackle the housing crisis, reform public sector spend and create quality spaces and places for people to thrive.

Our track record of success is built on the development of strong relationships, our understanding of the issues, our commitment to the region and our team’s shared drive to make a difference. 

Pydar Regeneration

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