Client: London Borough of Camden, 2022


    Following the Local Government elections in May 2022, the new administration and the new Director of Housing sought an organisational and performance review of LBC’s Housing Management Department.


    Inner Circle Consulting examined the Housing current revenue account position, service issues and their impact, analysed previous and required savings and reviewed annual performance to clarify areas of concern and gaps.

    This work provided a number of priorities and recommendations about the future of the department, leading to the identification of the following five key areas which should be addressed in order to deliver better savings for the authority:

    Priorities: Adoption of a business management model as opposed to an over-emphasis on casework

    Performance: Better ways to measure staff and operational performance across all teams within the department

    Finance: Greater control and a consistent approach across teams, and a more efficient means of working with the corporate finance team

    Culture: Demonstrating how and why the department needs to work with the rest of the directorate

    Empowerment: Building trust and co-operation whilst redefining certain roles within the department

    This work led to a desire by the client to look more broadly at supporting communities to replicate this approach across the other departments.