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    Client: Birmingham City Council 2021


    The Government has put in place a number of policy measures and grant programmes to support the development of District Energy Schemes, targeted at supporting market growth and the development of low-carbon networks while ensuring fair pricing.


    The Birmingham District Energy Scheme (DES), and its service delivery unit Birmingham District Energy Company (BDEC), have a strategic role to play as part of Birmingham City Council (BCC)’s climate change strategy, supporting the aim to be carbon neutral by 2030, or as soon thereafter as a ‘just transition’ allows. The DES leverages economies of scale, reducing the amount of energy wasted, and has delivered more than 67,000 tCO₂e savings to Birmingham City so far.


    Inner Circle provided expert commercial input to develop a strategy for BCC to expand thinking of its DEC and deliver decarbonised energy as an integral component of its regeneration and carbon neutral aims. We worked together on a proposition for BCC to manage DES together with support from low carbon energy expert EQUANS to build a decarbonisation plan, develop an energy roadmap and explore different commercial models.


    Our impact


    • Birmingham DES is now working to a 25-year joint co-operation agreement between EQUANS and BCC to build, operate, maintain, develop and densify the heat network schemes within Birmingham.
    • The DES 2025-50 plan will help the city adopt emerging decarbonisation technologies in scheme expansion, commercial and domestic requirements, integration of energy from waste; and planned urban regeneration and energy demand management.
    • This will provide a significant contribution to supporting BCC on its aim for carbon neutrality and ambitions to reduce fuel poverty.
    Inner Circle Consulting Birmingham


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