Client: Greater Lincolnshire, 2022

    Challenge: Greater Lincolnshire wanted to develop a compelling vision and supporting narrative for the next 30 years to give shared purpose, clarity of accountability, and a sense of assurance with a delivery plan across leaders and chief executives of the district and borough councils within Greater Lincolnshire.

    Impact: To bring the leaders and chief executives of nine local authorities together under a single strategic document, Inner Circle implemented a collaborative methodology designed to build consensus while keeping momentum.

    We met individually with the local authorities to build a relationship and ensure all voices were heard early in the process.

    We then designed a series of data-driven workshops to interrogate the current challenges and opportunities in the region, define the knotty challenges that were best addressed together rather than apart, and agree the enabling resources required to carry out the vision through to 2050.

    We developed, alongside the Council and key stakeholders, an Economic Strategy and Vision document shared and owned by the residents and contributors in the region, that aligned policy in key areas and brought the focus towards what is great in Lincolnshire.