Clients: London Boroughs of Hounslow and Lambeth, 2021


    At the height of the pandemic, Inner Circle was commissioned by several councils to provide leadership, economic recovery support and transformation management expertise. This included developing economic resilience strategies and action plans with the London Boroughs of Hounslow and Lambeth.

    Hounslow Council is an ambitious borough seeking to maximise the economic benefits of its position between Heathrow Airport and central London. Rapid action was required to overcome a falling employment market and high street failures during Covid. Lambeth is a similarly diverse and ambitious borough with an internationally significant creative community that was reeling from the impact of the pandemic on the cultural industries and social inequalities.

    Throughout 2020, Inner Circle was embedded into Hounslow’s and Lambeth’s Economic Recovery teams. Our role was to help move from reactive response activities towards a proactive strategy and delivery plan – from rescue to recovery.

    We worked closely with council teams in Hounslow and Lambeth to support them in developing, planning and delivering their economic resilience agenda in response to Covid. We helped them work out how to maximise economic growth to benefit local communities and develop that economic recovery action plan based on equality, diversity and inclusion principles. We helped them identify opportunities where council intervention could accelerate growth and local aspirations. And we developed a strong delivery and reporting programme, while engaging a wide range of stakeholders.


    Our Impact:

    • A detailed local analysis that asked: What employment and skills opportunities is the market not delivering? Where is education and qualification provision failing to benefit local communities and why? How do current employment and skills programmes need to adapt following Covid? How have the borough’s key sectors been affected by Covid?
    • A programme of local economic recovery projects
    • Governance and progress reporting structures to support speedy decision-making
    • Formation of partnerships and definition of joint projects through engagement with central government, internal, external bodies and business stakeholders
    • Drafting and approval of an Economic Resilience Strategy and Action Plan
    • Quantification of potential benefits for local communities using our Community Impact Model (e.g. jobs, spending power, health, crime).
    Lambeth Town Hall. © Inner Circle Consulting.
    Hounslow Civic Centre Inner Circle Consulting
    Hounslow Town Hall. © Inner Circle Consulting.


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