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We believe that the best solutions are yet to be discovered and the best outcomes yet to be delivered. That is why we prepare organisations for change and help them implement it. We do this through an intimate understanding of their business, a relentless focus on delivery, the use of techniques that challenge the status quo and bridge traditional disciplines. We provide a range of services to public and private organisations including project and programme management, property consultancy, change management and strategy development and strategic advice. Contact us to discuss a project.

Working at Inner Circle Consulting

Imagine you could work somewhere where you had the freedom use all of your professional and creative skills to make social impact.

Imagine working with other people who are as interested as you in pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Imagine being able to progress quickly based on merit alone.

At Inner Circle Consulting, this is how we do things and it’s what motivates the people who work here. Most people have experienced the flatness of working safely within their comfort zone, or the frustration of not being able to action things you know will make a difference to outcomes. At Inner Circle Consulting we wanted to make sure we created a working environment free of these kinds of limitations.

We only take people on who are outstanding in terms of their academic achievements, their professional delivery and who are aligned with and live our values of being excellent, collaborative in their approach, progressive and tenacious in their work. We have invested a lot in how we select people and in building a team of deeply collegiate, high performing individuals. The rigour we put in our recruitment process is testament to this.

ICC staff
2019 Budapest European Regeneration Exchange.

Delivering Excellence

Once here people get to work on the kind of projects that offer fundamental social value, that changes lives. They bring their expertise and curious minds to bear on the kinds of problems that are taxing most UK authorities and public services.

“We asked Inner Circle to scope a regeneration programme that could promote growth and tackle the unprecedented funding challenges faced by the Council. They delivered exactly what we needed and more. They had a great fresh perspective on long-held challenges, and were able to clearly demonstrate the financial impact development could have. Their creative yet commercial approach enabled us to quickly secure the programme mandate from Members. We invited them to continue working with us and Inner Circle are now providing the expertise and momentum we need to deliver real change for the Isle of Wight.”

John Metcalfe, Chief Executive – Isle of Wight Council

Being tenacious and having the drive to deliver quality outcomes at pace embodies our approach. Some of the projects our team have helped progress and deliver include; working with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combine Authority (CPCA) to deliver one of the most ambitious transport programmes in the country through to delivering a client side delivery team in Hammersmith and Fulham following failed private sector-led attempts, and earlier this year we celebrated winning an award with the London Borough of Waltham Forest (LMBF) on The EMD Cinema where we turned a stalled project which had failed multiple times into a financially viable opportunity.

ICC Planning Awards
2019 Planning & Placemaking Awards – Winner the EMD cinema for best use of Arts, culture or sports placemaking. Highly Commended Walthamstow Town Hall campus project for Best Use of Publicly-owned land or property in placemaking.

Hallmarks of an Inner Circle Consultant

What distinguishes an Inner Circle consultant is:

  • Our independence, the quality of our analysis and the ability to maintain momentum and drive, especially in challenging situations.

  • To keep our thinking fresh and current we challenge each other constantly to learn from the richness of experience the team brings as a group. Hacks and insight sessions are just a couple of examples of how we learn and work collectively on challenges.

  • Whether you bring a specialism or other experience, every voice and opinion is valued. We expect people to contribute, to have a point of view and to offer perspective in debate. No one is above challenge and no one has the monopoly on ideas.

  • Whether you are starting your career at ICC, a contractor or operating at Director level your ideas and contribution have equal value.

“My role varies depending on which project I am working on at the time. In such a multidisciplinary role I am exposed to a wide range of tasks..This is one of the main reasons I love working at ICC, no two days are ever the same.”
Cameron Martin, Analyst – Inner Circle Consulting

“I like the way ICC work. They applied their collective intelligence to the project with us in Cornwall and have a level of intellect that is not evident in other consultancies.”
Phil Mason, Service Director – Cornwall Council

We learn by doing

We invest in professional development; we are completely wedded to the philosophy that learning comes from doing. Everyone working here enjoys the stimulation of professional stretch within and outside their specialist areas. It can be taxing at times but we know that high performers thrive on challenge and solving problems that elude other people. This is key to keeping our skills sharp and deepening our intellectual capital as a consulting business. This is what sets us apart from other consultancies.

“The company is developing a coaching culture and we have received excellent training in coaching. Having worked in interim positions for local authorities and housing associations for many years, the culture is very different. It is still small enough that everyone knows everyone and there is a very informal atmosphere backed up by regular social events. It is really good bunch of people with a wide range of skills, experience and nationalities.”
Matthew Nimmo, Managing Consultant – Inner Circle Consulting

We investigate what’s going on elsewhere in the world and in other sectors to inform our thinking. We visit other countries to explore ideas and innovation and keep tuned in at home with the wider discourse around place and society. We have visited Budapest and Hamburg as part of our European Regeneration Exchange programme where we collaborate and share best practice in urban regeneration. In addition we’re members of Future of London where our staff attend events around London to share and learn best practice around the built environment.

ICC Hamburg Regen Trip
2018 Hamburg European Regeneration Exchange.
Budapest ICC Regeneration Trip
2019 Budapest European Regeneration Exchange.

“Working at Inner Circle Consulting gives a great opportunity for staff use their experience and technical background to tackle client challenges and problems collaboratively. Our approach is not to simply implement a set of templates or processes but work with clients using our experience and understanding of their challenges to develop solutions, that often have not been thought of before.
With a real team ethos everyone in Inner Circle is able to contribute to any project in a way that truly defines a multi disciplinary offer in every project.”
Andy Starkie – Director Inner Circle Consulting

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