We take great pride and differentiate ourselves on the quality of our staff; their ability to understand problems, to intelligently challenge, to act flexibly, creatively and with integrity. We value and embrace curiosity, adaptability and the drive to succeed.

We have stayed nimble despite our ambitious growth. Where someone starts out is irrelevant because we are quick to promote people when they consistently demonstrate their value to the business.

  • Will Donovan
    Will Donovan
  • Vanessa Boulanger Inner Circle Consulting
    Vanessa Boulanger
    Vanessa Boulanger
    ICC Director & chartered accountant with 15+ years of experience in corporate finance
  • Tomás González Inner Circle Consulting
    Tomás González
    Tomás González
    Urban economist specialising in urban regeneration and economic development
  • Tom Fennerty
    Tom Fennerty
    Senior Consultant
  • Toby Fox
    Toby Fox
    Head of Marketing
  • Tessa Gooding Inner Circle Consulting
    Tessa Gooding
    Tessa Gooding
    Researcher, strategist, writer and social entrepreneur working in housing & urban planning
  • Subiya Pryce-Kennedy
    Subiya Pryce-Kennedy
    Managing Consultant
  • Spencer Wicks
    Spencer Wicks
    CommunAlley founder with background in city development, planning, and analysis
  • Sophie Grimmer
    Sophie Grimmer
    Project manager with expertise in climate action and inclusive growth
  • So Sum Lee Inner Circle Consulting
    So Sum Lee
    So Sum Lee
    Trilingual urban planner specialised in urban regeneration
  • Siobhan Haines Inner Circle Consulting
    Siobhan Haines
    Siobhan Haines
    Office manager, supporting the team
  • Shuhana Begum
    Shuhana Begum
    Office Manager
  • Sazeda Ibrahim Inner Circle Consulting
    Sazeda Ibrahim
    Sazeda Ibrahim
    Project and programme manager with 16 years' experience in Local Government
  • Sandra Perez
    Sandra Perez
    Architect and planner who leads town centre and high street regeneration delivery
  • Sachin Shah
    Sachin Shah
    Senior Consultant
  • Ruth Luscombe
    Ruth Luscombe
    Managing Consultant
  • Raksha Subedi Inner Circle Consulting
    Raksha Subedi
    Raksha Subedi
    AAT qualified accountant currently studying towards her ACCA qualification
  • Rachel Rowson
    Rachel Rowson
    Part 3 Architect with experience in project management in construction.
  • Pete Cooper
    Pete Cooper
  • Olly Swann
    Olly Swann
  • Nick Blackmore Inner Circle Consulting
    Nick Blackmore
    Nick Blackmore
    A senior project manager with a background in design and management
  • Nephema Callender
    Nephema Callender
  • Natasha McGrory
    Natasha McGrory
    Events Officer
  • Matthew Nimmo
    Matthew Nimmo
    Urban regeneration practitioner who develops and leads major projects and programmes
  • Matthew Bennett
    Matthew Bennett
    Senior Consultant
  • Mark O’Brien
    Mark O’Brien
    Local government professional based in Cornwall with experience in project management and stakeholder engagement
  • Mariam Shaishmelashvili
    Mariam Shaishmelashvili
  • Mara Solomon
    Mara Solomon
    Economics enthusiast passionate about sustainable urban development and poverty alleviation.
  • Luis Obregon
    Luis Obregon
  • Lucy Webb
    Lucy Webb
    Urban regeneration practitioner experienced in delivering placemaking, housing and socio-economic initiatives.
  • Lorena Armitage
    Lorena Armitage
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Katerina Sfyra
    Katerina Sfyra
    An architect and urban planner whith expertise in development management
  • Karen Barke
    Karen Barke
    Managing Consultant
  • Jonny Moore
    Jonny Moore
    Leads regeneration and housing strategic planning programmes
  • John Gregson Inner Circle Consulting
    John Gregson
    John Gregson
    A transformation portfolio, programme and project leader in organisational change
  • Jamie Ounan Inner Circle Consulting
    Jamie Ounan
    Jamie Ounan
    Founding Director of ICC with extensive experience in planning and regeneration strategy
  • James Windsor Inner Circle Consulting
    James Windsor
    James Windsor
    Director and chartered building surveyor with experience in real estate, construction and regeneration
  • James Masini
    James Masini
    Managing Consultant
  • Hannah McShane Inner Circle Consulting
    Hannah McShane
    Hannah McShane
    Development manager with diverse private and public sector experience
  • Håkan Jönsson Inner Circle Consulting
    Håkan Jönsson
    Håkan Jönsson
    15 years of multi-sector international finance and management accounting experience
  • Gyula Torzsok Inner Circle Consulting
    Gyula Torzsok
    Gyula Torzsok
    Economist with expertise in data and future technologies for cities
  • Gilberto Coker
    Gilberto Coker
    Digital Marketing Officer
  • Gideon Taylor Inner Circle Consulting
    Gideon Taylor
    Gideon Taylor
    Leads on placemaking, urban regen delivery and inclusive community growth projects
  • Emma Peters Inner Circle Consulting
    Emma Peters
    Emma Peters
    ICC Director with over 30 years' experience and a background in town planning and housing
  • Diana Kalungi
    Diana Kalungi
    Experience office manager, supporting and enabling the team
  • Colin Boxall
    Colin Boxall
    Urban regeneration professional with experience of estate regeneration and housing delivery.
  • Chris Twigg Inner Circle Consulting
    Chris Twigg
    Chris Twigg
    Founding Director with extensive experience in programme and change management
  • Chris Naylor
    Chris Naylor
  • Cheryl Bannerman Inner Circle Consulting
    Cheryl Bannerman
    Cheryl Bannerman
    Part 3 Architect with experience in programme management and regeneration
  • Casey Harris
    Casey Harris
  • Blair Parkinson Inner Circle Consulting
    Blair Parkinson
    Blair Parkinson
    Planner with experience in economic development and project management
  • Ben Maltby
    Ben Maltby
    Chartered Engineer and PM specialising in complex project delivery
  • Azul Castañeda
    Azul Castañeda
  • Andy Starkie Inner Circle Consulting
    Andy Starkie
    Andy Starkie
    ICC Director who leads large regeneration and delivery consultancy teams
  • Andrew Travers
    Andrew Travers
  • Andrew Mistry Inner Circle Consulting
    Andrew Mistry
    Andrew Mistry
    Specialist in place identity/branding, comms/marketing, and regen strategy and delivery
  • Andres Gutierrez Romero
    Andres Gutierrez Romero
  • Alejandro Lomeli
    Alejandro Lomeli
    Background in regional and urban planning, urban studies, and community engagement
  • Ahmad Merii
    Ahmad Merii
    Specialist in spatial analysis and digital solutions for the urban context
  • Adam Westbury
    Adam Westbury
    Chartered Surveyor with a background in development management in the public sector.


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