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  • Vanessa Boulanger Inner Circle Consulting
    Vanessa Boulanger
    ICC Director & chartered accountant with 15+ years of experience in corporate finance
  • Tomás González Inner Circle Consulting
    Tomás González
    Urban economist specialising in urban regeneration and economic development
  • Tessa Gooding Inner Circle Consulting
    Tessa Gooding
    Researcher, strategist, writer and social entrepreneur working in housing & urban planning
  • Sophie Grimmer Inner Circle Consulting
    Sophie Grimmer
    Project manager with expertise in climate action and inclusive growth
  • So Sum Lee Inner Circle Consulting
    So Sum Lee
    Trilingual urban planner specialised in urban regeneration
  • Siobhan Haines Inner Circle Consulting
    Siobhan Haines
    Office manager, supporting the team
  • Sazeda Ibrahim Inner Circle Consulting
    Sazeda Ibrahim
    Project and programme manager with 16 years' experience in Local Government
  • Sandra Perez
    Architect and planner who leads town centre and high street regeneration delivery
  • Raksha Subedi Inner Circle Consulting
    Raksha Subedi
    AAT qualified accountant currently studying towards her ACCA qualification
  • Nick Blackmore Inner Circle Consulting
    Nick Blackmore
    A senior project manager with a background in design and management
  • Matthew Nimmo Inner Circle Consulting
    Matthew Nimmo
    Urban regeneration practitioner who develops and leads major projects and programmes
  • Lucy Webb
    Urban regeneration practitioner experienced in delivering placemaking, housing and socio-economic initiatives.
  • Lotte Cassidy Inner Circle Consulting
    Lotte Cassidy
    An illustrator & animator working as a creative intern since 2019
  • Katie Randall Inner Circle Consulting
    Katie Randall
    A project and programme director with a background in Council assets and local economic development
  • Jonny Moore
    Jonny Moore
    Leads regeneration and housing strategic planning programmes
  • John Gregson Inner Circle Consulting
    John Gregson
    A transformation portfolio, programme and project leader in organisational change
  • Jamie Ounan Inner Circle Consulting
    Jamie Ounan
    Founding Director of ICC with extensive experience in planning and regeneration strategy
  • James Windsor Inner Circle Consulting
    James Windsor
    Director and chartered building surveyor with experience in real estate, construction and regeneration
  • James Collister Inner Circle Consulting
    James Collister
    Planner specialising in regeneration and economic development
  • Hannah McShane Inner Circle Consulting
    Hannah McShane
    Development manager with diverse private and public sector experience
  • Håkan Jönsson Inner Circle Consulting
    Håkan Jönsson
    15 years of multi-sector international finance and management accounting experience
  • Gyula Torzsok Inner Circle Consulting
    Gyula Torzsok
    Economist with expertise in data and future technologies for cities
  • Gideon Taylor Inner Circle Consulting
    Gideon Taylor
    Leads on placemaking, urban regen delivery and inclusive community growth projects
  • Ethel Brome-Mbaya
    Consultant with diverse Programme Management experience within The Education sector
  • Emma Peters Inner Circle Consulting
    Emma Peters
    ICC Director with over 30 years' experience and a background in town planning and housing
  • Chris Twigg Inner Circle Consulting
    Chris Twigg
    Founding Director with extensive experience in programme and change management
  • Cheryl Bannerman Inner Circle Consulting
    Cheryl Bannerman
    Part 3 Architect with experience in programme management and regeneration
  • Blair Parkinson Inner Circle Consulting
    Blair Parkinson
    Planner with experience in economic development and project management
  • Ben Maltby Inner Circle Consulting
    Ben Maltby
    Chartered engineer and PM specialising in complex project delivery
  • Andy Starkie Inner Circle Consulting
    Andy Starkie
    ICC Director who leads large regeneration and delivery consultancy teams
  • Andrew Mistry Inner Circle Consulting
    Andrew Mistry
    Specialist in place identity/branding, comms/marketing, and regen strategy and delivery
  • Amelia Johnson Inner Circle Consulting
    Amelia Johnson
    Local Government professional training to become a solicitor and volunteers as a special constable
  • Ahmad Merii
    Specialist in spatial analysis and digital solutions for the urban context

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