Demand, and therefore viability, has been hit hard by the economic downturn. Alongside this, there is now greater focus on the need to deliver fairer, safer and greener homes.

Existing stock investment programmes can no longer deliver the optimal solutions in these new conditions. Given the once in a generation nature of the opportunities, the urgency of the decisions required cannot be underestimated. We have a new imperative to deliver more affordable homes, improving living conditions for the most vulnerable.

How do you navigate these new circumstances for your housing programmes? Do you refurbish, redevelop, or dispose? What's the best way to make informed and robust decisions on what to do next? We know there are tough choices out there for social landlords. To help, we've developed a brand new approach to rapid portfolio assessment. Introducing SIRAT, our easy-to-use tool to help you assess how to deliver more affordable homes and improve the living conditions for the most vulnerable. Please download the full presentation in the link below:

ICC SIRAT - Stock Investment Rapid Asses

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