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    2020 – Onwards


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    Project Summary

    The Pydar regeneration project offered an opportunity to market Pydar, as a prosperous neighbourhood with the very best of town and country lifestyle with copious Cornish charm. The £170m development is set to deliver new quality and affordable homes, innovative work and learning spaces, and new tech-enabled gallery spaces. It will embrace the riverside and offer a range of engaging leisure, hospitality and  cultural facilities and events. However, Truro as a town is not well known beyond Cornwall, so it is neither a priority visitor destination nor high on the list of places to set up a business or to relocate your home.

    Pydar St regeneration
    CGI Pydar Development. © PRP architects.
    Pydar Street Regeneration
    Truro. © Inner Circle Consulting.

    Project Objective

    Our aim was to develop and build the Pydar brand at an early stage to attract investment, bolster the value of the development, accelerate the market absorption rate, increase the ROI, and boost city prosperity for the community. This will in turn enhance the Truro brand and help make it a destination unlikely any other in England. Our team, working closely with world-renowned Creative Director Justine Potts, was tasked with creating a strong strategic brand strategy and action plan that would increase the buzz of Pydar and help shape a strong future for broader ‘Truro 2030 // Thriving River City’ campaign.

    Pydar St regeneration
    Truro. © Inner Circle Consulting.
    Pydar Street Regeneration
    CGI Pydar development. © PRP architects.

    Project Process

    We believe that brand equity can be measured by measuring seven aspects of how your brand is perceived by customers.

    “A brand is not just what you say it is. It’s what they say it is.”

    The master-thinking and Pydar design develop processes highlighted that the community is hugely talented and hungry for change. We wanted to keep the local community engaged, excited and central to the brand strategy yet the challenge lay in creating a brand that showcased the unique identity of the Cornish community, the small business owners, long term residents and new movers alike.

    Our journey started with the Pydar brand, with we rooted in both the heritage and future of Truro. The key principles for the brand:

    • Served as a vehicle for the Pydar’s values
    • Reinforce the Pydar brand success
    • Connected with Pydar’s future residents and businesses to ensure you are the first and only choice, creating lifelong relationships
    • Delivered quality and predictability, you know what to expect
    • Created benefit of the doubt and credibility

    Alongside a new brand strategy and collateral, we built new online digital channels (such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) through high-quality content, engaging images, and captions that speak to the heart and heritage of Pydar. This worked to raise awareness and generate excitement about the Pydar development whilst getting people talking about an exciting place to visit, study, and invest.

    Pydar Regeneration
    CGI Pydar Development. © PRP architects.
    Pydar Street Regeneration
    Pydar regeneration site. © Inner Circle Consulting.

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