Supporting the Local Economy workstrand with the repsonse to the Covid-19 crisis

    LB Lambeth


    Businesses received grants from the hardship fund


    Percentage of applications for the business hardship fund have been approved, totalling £690,000


    Worth of business grants paid to date

    Project Objective

    • To support the client in developing, planning and delivering their economic resilience agenda in response to Covid-19

    • To develop agile systems and effective programme controls for the Local Economy work stream

    • To develop a transformational economic recovery framework

    LB Lambeth
    © Inner Circle Consulting
    LB Lambeth
    © Inner Circle Consulting



    LB Lambeth
    © Inner Circle Consulting
    LB Lambeth
    © Inner Circle Consulting.
    © Inner Circle Consulting.

    Project Impact

    ICC have been embedded into  the Local Economy team to lead on the borough’s economic recovery programme in response to Covid-19. The team needed to react quickly to support  local residents and businesses during the crisis and deliver recovery interventions. Our role was to help move from reactive response activities towards a proactive, economic recovery mode. Through this ongoing partnership, ICC are helping Lambeth achieve their priorities to gather reliable intelligence and insights, conduct continuous business engagement, to deliver direct support businesses and lobby for central government funding to be able to support businesses currently under-represented in existing grant schemes.

    In particular, ICC have been co-creating the following deliverables to drive this programme forward:

    • Shaping and developing delivery approaches for a local economy recovery programme

    • Pivoting from Lambeth’s draft ‘Inclusive Growth’ strategy towards a sustainable, inclusive ‘resilience’ agenda

    • Monitoring and progress reporting for Lambeth’s senior leadership

    • Developing a live dashboard with key performance indicators around economic recovery activities

    • Engagement with central government, internal and business stakeholders

    • Gathering and presenting local economy intelligence and insights to support decision making

    • A sectoral economic impact analysis following Covid-19

    • An economic business case for 5G and full fibre connectivity in the borough

    This has been achieved through the application of Inner Circle’s core ways of working including,  first-principles thinking to new problems where there is no predetermined solution, deep collaboration across silos and sector specialists, and tenacious programme management.

    Our team brings a fresh perspective on economic development to Lambeth’s agenda. With the transition towards virtual workshops, meetings and remote working, we have seamlessly integrated with the wider client team. We have immersed ourselves in the challenges that Lambeth faces to support them in these unique times.

    LB Lambeth
    © Inner Circle Consulting.

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