Working in partnership with Cornwall Council to develop an exemplar new community on the outskirts of Truro

    Cornwall Council
    2018 – present


    Site area: 252 hectares


    Expected population: 8,000 – 10,000 residents


    New homes, 35% of which will be affordable


    A sustainable transport system connecting to neighbouring communities and places of work

    Project Objective

    Stage 1 (led by John Gregson)

    • To work in partnership with Cornwall Council to develop a strategic approach and business cases (securing funding) to progress their exemplar vision for Langarth Garden Village

    Stage 2 (led by Sandra Perez)​

    • To help Cornwall Council achieve its vision for an exemplar new Garden Village – a vibrant, connected, well planned community that celebrates the unique characteristics of the site

    • To evaluate and develop the vision and masterplan for Langarth in a holistic way, ensuring that it will be deliverable and affordable for the Council and its partners

    • To engage with strategic partners and develop a framework to quantify and monitor the longer-term socioeconomic and financial benefits of the new masterplan for Langarth.

    Langarth Inner Circle Consulting
    Illustrative masterplan. © AHR architects.
    Langarth Inner Circle Consulting
    Artist impression. © AHR architects.


    Langarth Garden Village (LGV) is a significant development area on the outskirts of Truro with a capacity for 3,500 homes. Until 2017, sites had been brought forward by developers/landowners as a series of independent proposals, who had secured planning consents for development at a time when the Council did not have an approved Local Plan. This had led to an incoherent and uncoordinated tapestry of potential development that was devoid of place making, duplicated public infrastructure, envisaged out-of-town retail development that was unlikely to be viable and fell short on housing density potential.

    Stage 1:

    The Council asked us to support them in realigning the vision and plans for the area to meet its objectives of strong placemaking, affordable housing and distinctive design, as well as realising the socioeconomic benefits to the wider area and avoiding the creation of a series of housing estates, of which there are many other examples in Cornwall.

    We worked collaboratively with Council Leadership and other key stakeholders to develop a bespoke approach to secure Cornwall’s exemplar vision for Langarth.

    This included:

    • Developing business cases totalling £160m to secure cabinet approval and funding for the overall programme of work and for specific projects within the programme.

    • Developing a coherent structure to reconcile and align the various plans impacting Langarth, including those of developers, the Council and infrastructure providers.

    • Securing external funding and support, such as £47.5m of Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) funding and a successful application for Garden Community status from Homes England.

    • Developing a forward-thinking design brief and procurement approach to attract the very best architects to develop a masterplan and design codes for the area. This will culminate in an outline planning application for the whole site and revisions to the Local Plan.

    • Putting in place robust project/programme management structures to ensure that plans were properly conceived and that progress against plans was monitored and managed.

    Stage 2:

    In continuation of our strategic partnership with Cornwall Council, we are working closely with the appointed design team, other consultants and infrastructure providers to ensure that the emerging designs achieve our client’s vision and are deliverable. The aim is to design a masterplan that delivers demonstrable benefits over the previous schemes & achieves the Council’s ambitious targets for sustainable development. We are doing this through:

    • The development of a delivery framework which gives a holistic overview of the benefits from development and inform the discourse between the council and developers with fact-based analysis, including viability and socioeconomic assessments with our CIM tool

    • Supporting a programme of meaningful and collaborative engagement with elected members, local developers, a stakeholder panel and residents to secure buy-in and approval for the masterplan

    • Establishing a monitoring framework to ensure that the programme’s impacts are measured and met in the longer term.

    Langarth Inner Circle Consulting
    Character areas. © AHR architects.
    Langarth Inner Circle Consulting
    Artist impression. © AHR architects.
    Langarth Inner Circle Consulting
    Artist impression. © AHR architects.

    “Inner Circle have a reputation for being methodical, diligent and understanding. They fulfilled all of those parts. They’re particularly good at financial projections and modelling and their ability to get information from stakeholders, understanding outputs and outcomes and synthesising these down to the key elements.”

    Les Allen, Langarth Client Programme Director, Cornwall Council

    “Through their experience and expertise Inner Circle have brought structure and coherence to what was a poorly defined programme of work.  They have been responsive, flexible and politically aware in their dealings with stakeholders and have delivered what was needed to time and with high quality.  The programme is now on track to successfully achieve the development of a strong and vibrant community at Langarth.”

    Phil Mason, Strategic Director,  Economic Growth and Development, Cornwall Council

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