At Inner Circle Consulting,

our strength is our staff

We take great pride and differentiate ourselves on the quality of our staff; their ability to understand problems, to intelligently challenge, to act flexibly, creatively and with integrity. We value and embrace curiosity, adaptability and the drive to succeed.

We have stayed nimble despite our ambitious growth. Where someone starts out is irrelevant because we are quick to promote people when they consistently demonstrate their value to the business.


Chris Twigg
Jamie Ounan
Andy Starkie
Emma Peters
Vanessa Boulanger
Siobhan Haines
Sandra Perez
James Windsor
Charlotte Moore
John Gregson
Kathryn Randall
Matthew Nimmo
Jonny Moore
Benjamin Maltby
Nick Blackmore
Sazeda Ibrahim
Gyula Torzsok
Francisco Ibanez
Cheryl Bannerman
Colin Boxall
Tessa Gooding
Luciano Pana Tronca
Andrew Mistry
Edith Boakye
James Collister
Tomas Gonzalez
Evgenia Batmanova
Katerina Sfyra
Cameron Martin
Sophie Grimmer
So Sum Lee
Jack Philo
Amelia Johnson
Lotte Cassidy
Håkan Jönsson
Alice Anderson
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