Harrow's new civic centre


Key facts

  • 800+ new homes

  • A new school

  • New enterprise space & public square


“Inner Circle had a really constant input into our project which has been really valuable. They are not as big as some consultancies, so have a more personable interface. The energy they would apply to the task was fun and very productive, particularly in the early stages of the project. They have a unique way of working – they embedded themselves in our organisation which other firms may have struggled with.”


Tobias Govert, Head of Regeneration & Design, Harrow Council

Project Objective 


To relocate the existing Civic Centre to trigger town centre renewal, release space for new homes and simultaneously facilitate public service transformation.



Moving Harrow’s Civic Centre will create space for 800+ new homes, a new school, enterprise space and public square as well as creating long-term savings in operating costs. We were asked to lead the project from pre-feasibility, through design phases and planning.


Our options appraisal methodology prioritised community impact and financial sustainability, which enabled the council to find the optimal site for the new civic centre and take the decision to move.  We orchestrated the definition of client requirements for new ways of working, helped rethink the definition of civic space, led the multidisciplinary team from RIBA Stage 1-3 and orchestrated the land assembly team to ensure the project is ready to deliver. As part of the regeneration process, we led an extensive and on-going public engagement process that is positively shaping the civic functions and town centre regeneration programme.



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