We believe that collaboration is the key to achieving the best possible results in any area of work, and especially in urban regeneration. Following this ethos, we started the European Regeneration Exchange Programme to create an international knowledge-sharing network to promote best practice in regeneration. Budapest, the cultural, economic, and political capital of Hungary was chosen as our destination in 2019. We were delighted to meet with Renata Vasko, Chief Executive of regeneration consultancy Creacity, as well as Dr. Balázs Török and Peter Bukta who are leading the way in regeneration and planning in Budapest, and Dr. Zsolt Berki of Fomterv, a leading civil engineering and infrastructure design firm.


Budapest’s Regeneration Programme

Following decades of political turmoil, the government began a gradual investment programme focused on three pillars:

  • Urban block rehabilitation received €1 billion in municipal and state funding and €2 billion in investor side funding

  • Isolated interventions received €300 million

  • Urban area-scale interventions received €400 million


Taken together, this programme represents one of the longest regeneration projects in Europe.  The programme, seen as a political priority to drive social improvement and employment, resulted in renovations of old buildings, and many important new establishments like the Palace of Arts, Budapest Music Centre, the local football stadium, the National Theatre, and the headquarters of Telekom.


The Inner Circle Way

This was the third exchange programme, following visits to Barcelona and Hamburg the previous years. We are constantly striving to challenge the status quo and the European Regeneration Exchange Programme has helped to create an international knowledge-sharing network so that we promote best practice in regeneration. We look forward to hosting those we met on both trips in London soon and extending our network with practitioners in Barcelona, Hamburg, Budapest, and other cities in the future.

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