Key facts

  • Rationalised 12 offices to 3 strategic hubs

  • Reduced carbon footprint 70%

  • 40% reduction in property portfolio

  • 12% annual revenue saving

  • Workstation ratio increased from 1:1 to 3:2.

Project Objective 


The objective of the Workplaces Programme was to deliver flexible working for staff via cultural change and new technology programmes, resulting in an increase in service efficiency and enabling rationalisation of its property portfolio. Rationalising its 12 buildings into three strategic hubs has enabled Bath and Northeast Somerset Council to reduce the cost of its estate, cut its carbon footprint by 70% and increase staff productivity.


James Windsor was the programme manager and managed this scheme for the full project lifecycle, from Business Case through to the transition of staff into the refurbished buildings. The programme rationalised the council’s 12 offices into three strategic hubs, delivering the following benefits:

  • 70% reduction in carbon footprint.

  • Redesigned estate aligned to business needs.

  • 40% reduction in property portfolio.

  • 12% annual revenue saving on day 1, increasing to over 25%, once borrowing is paid back.

  • Employee to workstation ratio increased from 1:1 to 3:2.

  • 50% reduction in document storage.

  • Removal of backlog maintenance.

  • Brand new ICT, printing and telephony infrastructure to support flexible working.

  • Redesigned FM service offer based on new ways of working.

  • Underpinned through a change management programme.

In addition to the above, the programme also oversaw the Keynsham Regeneration Project. Keynsham was seen as a key strategic hub for the Council who wanted to commit to the town following the closure of the Cadbury’s factory. The scheme was seen as a catalyst for regeneration in the area and provided 4,500 sqm of office space and 2,000 sqm of retail units, a new library, town hall, community centre and One Stop Shop customer service centre. James acted as programme manager throughout the financial viability modelling, planning process and procurement of the development managers and contractor.



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