Here at ICC we believe that collaboration is the key to achieving the best possible result in any area of work, and especially in urban regeneration. Following this ethos we have started the European Regeneration Exchange Programme to create an international knowledge-sharing network to promote best practice in regeneration.

Barcelona was selected for 2017 due to its successful and innovative implementation of urban policies and regeneration strategies. The concept of 'urbanism' was actually first used by the Catalonians, after Ildelfons Cerda coined the term while preparing the old city expansion plan in the 1850s. Since then the city has hosted two international exhibitions and one Olympic Games, leading to lasting regeneration studied around the world as best practice examples. 


Today Barcelona is implementing its own innovation district: 22@. During our time there we were hosted by professionals actively involved in this initiative. Firstly we visited the office of the award-winning architects Batlle I Roig, where we met three of their directors to learn about their work, followed by a discussion about the differences in approach between London and Barcelona. Then we visited the Adjuntament de Barcelona (the City Council) and met with the Coordinator of 22@ Commission David Martinez. He discussed the main challenges faced in the implementation of 22@ and how they have overcome them. David then led a tour of the district. As part of the exchange programme, we hope to host staff from the Adjuntament de Barcelona and Batlle I Roig at our offices in London in the near future.

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